Create fast and secure static sites and blogs with Jekyll

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    Do you want a clean an simple, fast and secure site and a blog . And host it free on Github Pages . Learn to build sites and blogs with Jekyll and have a simple solution without the overhead complexity . It is ultra fast and is immune to most common attacks . Save time and money by creating a website or a blog that is easy to maintain and easy to scale. You might even get a raise or a better job with these new skills . It will guide you trough the features that give Jekyll its strength and flexibility . It will also show you how to add forms , comments and much more. At the end of this course you will be confident in creating ALL sorts of pages and blogs with Jekyl
    Install Jekyll
    Create a new project
    Start a Jekyll server
    Create layouts
    Separate parts of the page in include files so we can use them on different part of the page
    Configure the Jekyll project
    How Jekyll works in-depth
    Create a menu
    Create posts for the blog
    Add content to blog
    Add widgets to post
    Set up a post loop
    Set default values
    Set up a form
    Work with external data
    Add comments to blog
    Create fast and secure static sites and blogs with Jekyll
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    Language - English
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    Nice post..........

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