Dixieland Dead by Penny Burwell Ewing

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    When the economy tanks in Whiskey Creek, Georgia, hairstylist, Jolene Claiborne expands her business to include skin care. A wise move until Scarlett Cantrell, a local celebrity, is murdered in the facial room. The police brush aside Jolene's suspicions that the incident is tied to a recent break-in, and to complicate matters, the victim's ghost threatens to make Dixieland Salon her permanent place of residence if Jolene fails to expose the killer. Scarlett's last words provide the only clue: "Find the jade elephant. Explains everything." That is until a book of poetry turns up with a dangerous secret inside. Dealing with a diva ghost ain't easy in the Bible belt. Throw in a sexy police detective, a crooked mayor with connections to the mob, a family cover-up, a mother who hasn't cut the apron strings, and you get one stressed out middle-aged hairstylist with murder and mayhem on the brain.

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