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    So users can geo Prime membership, Summer surprise and Dhan Dhana funds are offered in the fun, there seems to be some users quite upset, because these people free services is not made any charge yet and Reliance Jio 15 was the end of April.
    Many such users are also disturbed by the fact that it's not far off their number. If you are one of these annoying users is great news for you because you can still take Prime membership.actually live was recently introduced in the summer surprise plan after closing Dhan Dhana Dhan plan. The prime member and two separate plans for non-Prime members, first Prime 309 plan bucks for members with 84 GB 4G data with validity of 84 days, unlimited meet calling and messaging. Daily data limit of use is 1 GB. Second Plan prime Rs 509 for members, which will also offer Rs 309 but everyday data usage limit of 2 GB.​

    How will Prime membership?
    Now there are two 309 are Rs and Rs 509 for non-Prime members, but you will get prime membership if you provide a recharge with Rs 408 and Rs 608. In other words, the company is taking to you 99 bucks Prime Membership in plans Rs 408.
    these means that if you get just 408 of 1 year 84 days with Dhan Dhana Dhan plan with Prime membership to provide a recharge of Rs. All you need 84 GB 4G data, unlimited meet calling and messaging to 84 days under. Data limits Use Rose 1 GB. While the extent of data use with the 608 validity of 84 days in rupee plan will be day 2 GB.

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