Android-Games PUBG Portable 0.8.0 to include new guide, new vehicles and another weapon

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    PUBG Versatile 0.8.0 refresh is likewise anticipated that would convey bit of a change to the UI of the amusement, which will prompt the expansion of another settings board.

    PUBG update 0.8.0 introduces a slew of new features to better the user experience.

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) will before long be getting the 0.8.0 refresh for its versatile application on both Android and iOS stages. PUBG Portable 0.8.0 beta has been live for over seven days now. The new 0.8.0 refresh is required to bring another guide, weapon, vehicles, and numerous different changes.

    PUBG Versatile is an online fight diversion like its Xbox One and PC variants. In the diversion, players parachute onto a combat zone where they at that point discover vehicles and weapons, and win by turning into the last individual standing.


    Sonhok is the new guide which will be added to the diversion with this refresh. The guide will give players a chance to play the amusement in backwoods in South East Asia. The guide is 4.4×4.4 km in zone which in fact is one forward when contrasted with different maps. The amusement will likewise observe the expansion of another strike rifle, QBZ which is a substitution for the Scar-L which was as of late expelled from the diversion. Furthermore, to cover the guide, two new vehicles will likewise be included – UAZ and a muscle auto, which will go about as methods of transportation and cover amid gameplay.

    The refresh is additionally anticipated that would convey a touch of progress to the (UI) of the amusement. This UI change will acquire the expansion of another settings board where clients can physically set a farthest point to the ammunition of firearms so they can be alright with the reload times. Furthermore, players will likewise be furnished with 20 apples each in their stock amid the time they are in the holding up entryway to rehearse their tossing aptitudes.

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