~`Top 3 Effective way To Increase Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook

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    Top 3 Effective way To Increase Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook
    Facebook is the top social mediawebsite, morever it is ranked second after Google according toalexa. It has around 1 billion active users and recieve more then 3 billion likes and comments everyday. So you can imagine the amount of traffic you can generate to your blog from facebook by taking some effective steps. In this article i will share with you few tips to increase traffic to your blog. If you are following this methods then its really good, but if you are not then you must start following as it will really help you to reach more audience and eventually result in greater traffic.

    You can increase traffic to your blog by making a fan page or brand page of your blog. Now a days majority of bloggers have a fan page. If a person likes your page he recieves daily update of your blog directly on his profile or news feed. The more facebook likes you have, greater is the traffic from facebook. If you don't have a fan page then go to facebook page and create one. Just creating facebook page is not enough, you will need a Facebook Like Box widget for your blog which will allow your blog visitors to like you facebook page from within your blog. In order to get this widget for your blog check tutorial given below.

    2. Interacting Or Commenting

    Interacting with people, helping them with their problems, appreciating fellow bloggers work can help you to stand out among other users and get you respect of other bloggers and even their followers. Commenting on their fan page, liking their post will make you visible or active in social media and help you to achieve more fans and the result you know, more traffic. But some bloggers try to spam by commenting on their profile or on every status they update with link to their page. Try to write few good thing about his post and sometime add link to your blog at the end of comment. Spamming will decrease your reputation among other fellow bloggers So Beware!

    3. Adding Good Friend

    Add some good facebook friends that are from your niche, who's blog posts you enjoy reading. By liking and commenting on their post, their followers will see your action on their page and might check your blog. If you blog content is good and impressive you might turn this visitors to your follower. This seem to look long process but it really effective and works very well.




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